Travel credit

Understanding travel credit options

We offer different types of travel credit: Trip Credit, Flight Credit, and Travel Vouchers. Each type of travel credit has its own terms and conditions, so be sure to read them carefully before redeeming your credit. Keep in mind, travel credits can only be used to book flights, and can’t be used to pay for extras like seats or bags.

Types of travel credit

Description Trip Credit Flight Credit Travel Voucher
Issued for Compensation, refunds, and remaining value when exchanging Flight Credit Unused or canceled tickets Paper voucher
Valid for Non-award trips starting in the U.S. and select countries* Non-award trips* Flights only*
Maximum per reservation 8 for up to 9 passengers booked on; contact Reservations for more than 9 passengers 1 booked on; contact Reservations to book with more than 1 Flight Credit Up to 8
Who can use it Trip Credit holder to book travel for anyone Same passenger named on the Flight Credit Travel Voucher holder to book travel for anyone
Expiration 1 year from date issued, unless otherwise listed Travel must begin 1 year from the original ticket date 1 year from date issued
How to redeem Book your trip on Find your trip on to book** Contact Reservations for information on ticketing options in your country

*Can’t be used for extras like seats or bags.

**When booked on, Flight Credit can only be applied to flights within the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. (U.S. currency only)

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